The SFK participation requirement is 0.25 posts per day, or an average of 7.5 posts per month.

An average means you can post in advance and keep the benefits of doing so.

All members in good standing can use the "Thanks" button instead of posting (one "thanks" = one post).
Please note that some SFK sections do not have the "Thanks" button enabled.
It's now up to each member of SFK to monitor his Posts Per Day average and maintain his level of participation.

Who is exempted from the participation requirement ?

Amateur or professional smoking fetish producers, webmasters, and models.

As a special "thank you" to our best contributors, any member who has earned at least two medals is exempted from the requirement as well.

All members who have not logged in for the past 30 days are not penalized for their absence.

What about new members?

New members must have posted 8 times within one month of joining.

What if my Posts Per Day average drops below 0.25?

You may be blocked from accessing threads of most pics and clips sections until you meet the requirement.

With the blocking comes also the impossibility to use the THANKS button and the impossibility to display an avatar, a profile picture or a signature.

The blocking can occur as soon as you dip below, or much later (the later it will happen, the harder it will be for you to fix your status).

I repeat that
it's now up to each SFK member to monitor his Posts Per Day average and maintain his level of participation.

How do I fix my Posts Per Day average ?

You can post a real reply to various threads, or start threads yourself, until you have reached 0.25 posts per day (or 8 posts if you had not reached that yet).

The only "pics and clips" sections totally open to you are

Cigarette Smoking - All Mixed Up


Cigar Smoking - All Mixed Up

You can also start new threads in most SFK sections.

You can also decide to log out from SFK and log in again in 30 days or more (if you log in too early, you will have to log out again and spend another 30 days out of SFK !)

Members caught registering a second account for the purpose of bypassing the participation requirement will be banned indefinitely !

How do I find my Posts Per Day average?

Your Posts Per Day average is listed at the top right corner in all of your posts to the forum. You can also find it by clicking on your user name, or the "My Profile" link at the top of every page.

If you dip below 0.25 and want to know how many posts you need to fix your status, here's how to :

Take 0.25 and divide it by your current Posts Per Day average.
Multiply the obtained result by your current number of posts.
Substract from the new obtained result your current number of posts.
That will give you the number of posts you need to do to fix your status.

After you have fixed your status, you will be unblocked within the next 24 hours. So be patient !

The following image will show you where is located the THANKS button :