We constantly have to edit (or delete) old threads and new threads because Southern-Charms will not tolerate any picture or video they license posted outside the SC site sitself.

We have also been asked "that safeguards be put in place to insure that no further SC material is posted, traded or swapped on Smoking Fetish Kingdom".

The threat to SFK is real and serious.

Obviously, the best safeguard would be to put every new thread in moderation queue, meaning that any new thread posted would become public only after a delay, allowing a SFK moderator to verify the thread first.
But we can't do this because it would kill most of the pleasure of uploading at SFK, and eventually kill SFK itself.

The problem is that a few uploaders have admitted they do not check what they post to see if there is material against our rules, including SC material. And they stated they did not intend to change their ways. On the other hand, we can not expect our uploaders (and even our moderators) to recognize all SC pics that have been cropped of their SC identification. Same for SC videos.

What we ask of you, especially those posting mixes of pictures, is that you go through them before posting and make sure none has "Licensed Exclusively to SouthernCharms.com" written on it. From now on, for each clearly marked SC picture that you post, you will be banned from this forum for a week. So yes, if you post five cleary marked SC pictures in one single thread, you will be banned for five weeks. Same for clearly marked SC videos. Same for direct links to SC material.

If you are also able to spot "cropped" SC pictures (pictures you know are from SC but from which the "Licensed Exclusively to SouthernCharms.com" has been removed), please make sure not to post them. Of course, if you post cropped SC pictures because you didn't know they were from SC, we will not consider it your fault, unless we have strong suspicion that you are doing it on purpose. Same for SC videos. Same for direct links.

February 7, 2017 Update : For security reasons, "non-SC material", featuring past or current SC models, may or may not be deleted as well, at the "SFK janitor" discretion. Please respect his decisions.

Furthermore, anyone asking in public for SC material to be posted or traded will be banned indefinitely from SFK.

You can also discuss or ask about the issue here : http://www.smokingfetishkingdom.com/...56#post3880456